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A date with jungle, in Suheldev Wildlife Sanctuary, Meet all the beautiful birds & very cute animals which you can dream of. The Suheldev Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the Indo-Nepal international border in Tulsipur tehsil of Balrampur district. This Sanctuary, named after a local king Suhel Dev, is approximately 120 km long and 6-8 km wide.In this farm we have accommodation for groups and families, with addition advantage of food prepared in traditional style Chula, and lot of khatiya (cot) and baillgari (ox cart) for nearby travelling. Natural breeze with cool 4 acre water body (a big lake) aroma all around the forest guest house.This mixed forest area in this range is very good for several arboreal birds and recorded more than 100 species of birds from this part alone. This site is an Important Bird Area (IBA Site Code: IN-UP-23) on the presence of A1 (Threatened species – Swamp Francolin) and A3 (Biome restricted species).Nearly 40 species of mammals, including Tiger, are found in the Sanctuary, although there has been a significant decline in the Tiger population here. Wildlife Institute of India estimated that this Sanctuary supports 3-5 Tigers.The villages in the Sohelwa range on way to the core Sanctuary areas, with their distinctive lifestyle and culture, are an added tourist attraction. The eco-friendly traditional handicrafts from these areas are ideal souvenirs for visitors.This range of the Sanctuary also has major tourist attractions where hundreds of people visit for religious purposes throughout the year:-
  • Vibhootinath Temple (locally also known as Guptkashi) located in the Merkia beat: It is believed that this ancient temple was established by the Pandava King Karana and has the ancient linga of Lord Shiva.
  • The Razia taal, located in the Jarmauli beat: It is said to be developed and named after Razia Sultan. This small wetland with water throughout the year is located in between rich mixed forest and is host to several water birds.
  • Sonpatri Ashram located on Nepal border in Sohelwa range: It is known for the mediation site and Samadhi of Swami Shri Sidhnathi. According to the locals, this place was also the ashram of Agastya Muni and now also has a Goddess Durga temple.
  • The Devipatan Mandir at Tulsipur is a well-known Goddess Durga temple, visited by thousands of people each year for religious purposes.
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