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The nearest railhead from Shravasti is located at Balrampur which is 17 Kilometres away from Shravasti.Janardan Home Stay Jai Palace Balrampur is at prime location near to the ancient city of Shravasti, a flourishing habitation that is an important landmark in the history of Buddhism and Jainism alike, is at present but a collection of ruins called Sahet-Mahet.Shravasti holds immense religious significance for the Buddhist and Jain pilgrims. The third Tirthankar, Lord Sambhavanath was born in Shravasti and it was here that he attained the ultimate light of knowledge through meditation. The name of Shravasti holds deep significance in the Jain mythology and finds mention in religious discourses. The Monuments in Shravasti in India include plinths and foundations of temples and stupas that once were centers of much activity. The Anandabodhi tree in Jetavana monastery, Gandhakuti (Buddha"s hut) in Jetavana, Stupa of Angulimala, remains of City walls of Sravasti, with ancient city gate, the remains of Jetvana Monastery, the spot where Buddha performed the "Twin Miracle", Anathapindika"s Stupa, are the principal Monuments In Shravasti In Uttar Pradesh India.Another interesting set of Monuments in Shravasti Uttar Pradesh are to be found in Maheth. Modern day Maheth is said to have been the original site of the city of Shravasti. A cluster of ruins showing remains of city roads, buildings, walls are to be found here in Maheth.
  • Anathapindika"s Stupa, Shravasti
  • Angulimala"s Stupa, Shravasti  
  • From Janardan Home Stay Jai Palace Balrampur, you can visit the above said sites comfortably and stay in absolute comfort. We also organize trip to Shravasti tourist Interest sites on demand.


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